A Raspberry Jam is an event which revolves around the Raspberry Pi, a small single board computer which is now the 3rd biggest selling computer of all time! At a Jam you can meet other Raspberry Pi enthusiasts, learn about interesting community projects, take part in workshops to learn new skills, work on your own projects in drop in sessions or listen to exciting talks from people in the community.

Raspberry Jams are aimed at anyone who would like to learn more about computing, from budding robot builders to first time coders, everyone is welcome at a Raspberry Jam.

The first Fen Jam is a Raspberry Jam taking place in the fen village of Bluntisham on the 23rd of September 2018. For more information please sign up to our mailing list here.

Who are we?

Tim Freeburn is the owner of Pi Borg, volunteer at Pi Wars and this is his first jam as organiser.
Claire Pollard is Tim’s fiancee and Raspberry Pi dabbler.